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Фото Юрий Колесник

Dear friends and guests, My name is YuraKolesnik. That was me who founded OLIVA 8 years ago. To be honest I need to get out of the comfort zone to reach new horizons. I am taking OLIVA to the more exciting gastronomic level. The process of transforming OLIVA restaurants will take up to 8 months .At the moment, our team of Ukrainian chefs and colleagues from abroad are actively preparing a menu of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, during this period you are not going to see traditional and beloved name OLIVA on the menus and restaurants’ signs. Why do I turn away from a recognizable brand name at this time? Because this step will eventually take my team out of their comfort zone, giving it new energy and mobilizing it to find original and strong ideas. Everything will be OK :)
Yura Kolesnik

Our Chef

Our brand chef is Radek David. He is a member of Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of the Czech Republic. He took the fourth place at the legendary competition Bocuse d`Or which is chef championship. Also, he has got numbers of awards from the most prestigious cooking competitions. Ten years ago he was a pioneer who cooked local food in Ukraine. Nowadays Radek shares his time between two homes – Prague and Kyiv. Besides OLIVA restaurants, he is a chef at Kyiv and Prague La Veranda restaurants as well as Czech Restaurace Babiččina zahrada (Granny’s Garden).

Фото Радек Давид

Food delivery to Kiev

To make an order please contact us over the phone (+38 044) 234-55-92. Minimal order cost is 200 UAH. Delivery in Kyiv is 40 UAH.